ExplainDev for Teams: Tools to Support Experts in Nurturing New Developers

Foster apprenticeship learning with less demand on experts

ExplainDev Teams Features:

Gain Insights

Understand what topics your team has the most questions about. Identify gaps in skills and the areas of code that are most confusing.

Ask & Receive Great Questions

We want to enable people to learn from each other. ExplainDev will help question askers include all the context an answerer will need. No need to waste time gathering information in a help session.

Scale Project-Specific Knowledge

Experts only have to answer a question once and ExplainDev will relay that information to new developers whenever they're working on relavent code. LLMs are awesome. They know a lot about public stuff, but they don’t understand the why behind a decision in your project. This feature lets ExplainDev learn from conversations, internal docs, wikis and places where key decisions were made and explained.

Share Code Annotations

Store valuable information for humans. Create a path for onboarding, attach videos, notes, explanations to any piece of code that can be retrieved right from the IDE.

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