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We explain code so you can move on

Make sense of code written by others in GitHub, Stack Overflow answers, snippets and regular expressions in documentation, config files and examples in learning sites.

  • ExplainDev on Vue.js
  • Selection example in rust docs (rust)
  • ExplainDev on React.js
  • Selection regular expression expression (rust)
  • Full stackoverflow answer (javascript)
  • ExplainDev on React.js
  • Selection apache rewrite rule example in apache docs (apache)
  • Selection api route in flask docs (python)
  • ExplainDev on gRPC
  • Selection command example in ubuntu docs (bash)
  • Selection docker command in docs (bash)
  • Selection example file open (python)
  • Selection github pr react (javascript)
  • Selection vagrant configuration (ruby)
  • Selection selector in mdn docs (css)
  • Selection regex in webpack config (json)

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What people are saying

  • "I've been coding in python for 10+ years and looking to learn new languages. ExplainDev is an excellent way to run code and quickly understand a new language or framework. Having this as a chrome plug-in allows me to take it anywhere I need to go and get up and running in under 2 minutes."

  • "Thank you guys for creating it! I find it as useful as copilot!"

    Software Engineer, 20+ years experience
  • "Easy to configure and use. Extremely helpful. As a tech writer, it saves me time and it helps me understand the code that I document. I use it also to learn a new programming language or a new framework. The people behind it are responsive to feedback, and they keep expanding its functionality."

    Technical Writer
  • "I read the documentation a lot in my routine, especially when I cannot find a good tutorial. Problem though is that in most cases, the docstrings and comments are not as in-depth as I would like them to be (or when they are, it's hard to get an intuitive understanding of the explanations). This is where ExplainDev comes in handy. With this extension, I can get a more detailed description of what is happening in the code, what is being done and why it is being done in the way it is."

    Researcher, PhD
  • "I used ExplainDev to contribute on a repo of a chrome extension that I often use. Without it, I would've never understood the code enough to be able to help"

    Developer, 2 years experience
  • "I struggle trying to understand the abstractness of the Back-End on several occasions. ExplainDev helps me a lot when I'm watching a tutorial and I don't understand clearly what a piece of code is doing or how. But by going to the repo and using the extension the help it's more useful than the language or framework docs"

    Front-End Developer
  • "When using ExplainDev, it aids me on being able to break down code in simple English and then I can form my own analogies. It gives me a quick insight also during code reviews as well. When I see my students code and when they have questions it lets me just think about the process more fluidly."

    Coding Instructor
  • "ExplainDev has become a game changer in my StackOverflow navigation, now I save time knowing that a piece of the code that I'm reading doesn't give extra value to the functionality that I need to have in my programming or the bug that I'm trying to solve."

    Computer Science Student
  • "This extension is great for beginners (as well as professionals) who want to learn coding, use new algorithms, new languages, or frameworks. Since I'm a self-taught coder, I've learned that nothing is more educational than seeing what goes into code and what comes out of it. "

  • "Whenever I review a piece of code either on Stack Overflow or in docs I like to fully understand the code before implementing it into my own code and the perfect pair for that is ExplainDev. The extension structures the given explanation very well and digested in a way that the sometimes answers and pieces of code in the docs cannot and of course it fastens up your workflow, it's a very nice extension to have for every dev."

    Software Engineer
  • "I have been able to read, understand, and learn at a much faster pace with ExplainDev. It has also helped me save time from searching the web for explanations and tutorials"

  • "I have internalized the use of ExplainDev in my 'coding life', it saves me lots of time and 'googling'"

  • "I feel less overwhelmed by documentation now and tend to go directly to it instead of going the youtube/stackoverflow way. I find being able to understand documentation allows me to dive deeper into the code and come up with more solid answers."

  • "ExplainDev has saved me lots of time and useless code. Further, something that I value more, I learn so much with the extension, why? In lazy code mornings I found myself with things that I didn't completely understand, but I was too lazy to google them, there ExplainDev gave me quick explanations."

    Computer Science Student

How it works

You can use ExplainDev to understand a whole code block or just a selection of code.

  • Selection github pr react (javascript)
  • Full stackoverflow answer (javascript)
  • Selection example string (python)


You can email me any additional questions at 

  • What is ExplainDev?

    Developers turn to the web for solutions when they get stuck. And when you're new to a programming language, it's often hard to understand the solutions or examples written by others. ExplainDev is a browser extension for increasing productivity by shortening the turnaround time between finding code online and applying it to your project.

    Whether browsing code repositories or websites with code snippets, after installing ExplainDev, code you see will have a button appended to it that upon click, provides a description of what the code does. You will also have an Explain option included in your right-click menu.

  • Where do ExplainDev explanations come from?

    When you hit the Explain button, we use OpenAI Codex to generate explanations to the selected code/code block. 

  • What programming languages does ExplainDev work for?

    So far we've seen that ExplainDev does especially well with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Ruby, PHP, and SQL, but it is proficient in many, many more languages!

  • How does ExplainDev work?

    OpenAI Codex was trained on publicly available source code and natural language. The ExplainDev browser extension sends the code or code blocks you select to the ExplainDev service, which then uses OpenAI Codex to generate explanations in plain english.

  • Does ExplainDev work on all websites?

    Today ExplainDev can detect code blocks on HTTPS websites.Code repositories, forums, docs and blog websites are all places ExplainDev works. Found somewhere Explain buttons aren't popping up? Let us know! We want to hear about places where ExplainDev is not currently detecting code. 

  • How do I use ExplainDev?

    To use ExplainDev, you'll need to:

    1. Install the Chrome Extension 
    2. Upon installation, a new window appears. Click "Create one" to create a new account
    3. Fill out a short survey that includes your email
    4. Receive an email from us with an access code
    5. Log in with your email and access code

    I made a quick video of these steps here: 

  • What browsers are compatible?

    Chrome, Brave

  • What information is stored?

    During this phase we store the code you choose to get explained along with any feedback you provide to understand how people use ExplainDev and how we perform for those uses. In the future, we’ll provide you granular control of what’s stored in our platform and what your preferences are for where ExplainDev works.

  • Is the transmitted data secure?

    All data is transmitted and stored securely. Inspection of the gathered code will be predominantly automatic, and when a human reads it, it is specifically with the aim of understanding how people use ExplainDev and improving explanations.

  • Does ExplainDev track the websites I browse?

    No. Your privacy is super important to us. Nothing gets tracked before hitting the explain button and the only thing we send when you click explain is the language and code from the codeblock, or, if you are using the code selection button or right-click option, the code you selected.

    You can inspect what data is sent to our servers easily. Watch this video to learn how to do it.