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ExplainDev explains code using natural language and gives direct answers to your technical questions. Powered by AI.

Explain code on VS Code

Get concise explanations and direct answers to your techinical questions without leaving your editor.

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  • Explains code

    We open the session with a short, concise explanation for what your selection of code is doing.

  • Answers questions

    Get more context with auto-generated follow-up questions and direct answers to questions you have about the code.

Explain code on your browser

The Chrome extension explains the code and answers your questions on websites like GitHub, Stack Overflow, documentation, config files, and learning sites.

Tutorial Maker

Use ExplainDev explanations and answers to create beautiful tutorials in seconds.

  • Fully customizable

    Include as many code snippets as you want and get editable explanations instantly. All elements are customizable from the size and background of the image to the positioning and styling of arrow or text elements.

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